Napolitains Assorted Gift Box


Leonidas' Napolitains are individually wrapped chocolate wafers that come in seven distinctively delectable flavors. Our Giftbox is a perfect way to treat friends, family or yourself!

  • Giftbox includes: 32 Napolitains of assorted flavors-
  • Orange: an exotic blend of orange and dark chocolate.
  • Feuilletine: delectable milk chocolate with bits of crispy biscuits.
  • Nibs: dark chocolate with fragments of cocoa beans.
  • Dark: 63% dark smooth, dark flavor.
  • Milk: smooth, delicious milk chocolate.
  • White: creamy white chocolate.
  • Dark 72%: darkest of all the pieces with intense dark chocolate flavoring.
  • White
  • Net weight: 0.46 lb
  • Contains- milk, tree nuts, sesame, eggs, wheat & soy.


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