Leonidas' Seasonal "Mosaiques" Gift Box

The Seasonal "Mosaiques": "Frangipane" covered in dark chocolate and "Pain d’amandes" in white chocolate are now back to complement the existing "Feuilletine" and "Speculoos", both in milk chocolate covering.

  • ‘Frangipane’: a comforting blend of tastes where the dark chocolate gradually melts away to reveal the traditional Leonidas praliné. A crunchy note is added by finely ground Faro almonds that evoke Frangipane. A small taste of “Belgitude” associated with the king cake traditionally eaten at Epiphany
  • ‘Pain d’amandes’: a delicacy coated in white chocolate concealing a crunchy Leonidas praliné with slivers of butter biscuit flavored with bitter almonds. The result is a blend of tastes that is both smooth and crunchy. A delicacy inspired by almond loaf, a Brussels specialty.
  • ‘Spéculoos’: a chocolate coated in milk chocolate and decorated with Leonidas dark chocolate, filled with a delicious crunchy praliné enhanced by subtle hints of speculoos. 
  • ‘Feuilletine’: a chocolate coated in Leonidas milk chocolate and decorated with white chocolate, filled with a delicious, crunchy praliné enhanced by feuilletine, inspired by Bruges lace biscuits. 

These are now available for a limited time in Leonidas Signature Heritage collection gift boxes in the 16 Pieces (net 0.43 lb) size.

Contains- milk, tree nuts, sesame, eggs, wheat & soy. 



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