Leonidas Fall Collection Giftboxes

It is time to enjoy the Autumn and it seasonal offerings with Leonidas' Fall pieces.

The collection includes the white Mushrooms filled with a salted caramel, the dark one with a soft chocolate mousse, the autumn leaf with its crunchy praline, a walnut shaped and flavored Walnut, as well the perennial "Aube d'Hiver" in milk and dark chocolate covering, sprinkled with cranberries; the traditional Almond Marzipan and Chestnuts added to the lager assortments.

Seasonably delicious and perfect for gift giving.

  • Small Giftbox - 9 Pieces Assorted - Net weight: 0.28lb
  • Medium Giftbox -16 pcs Assorted - Net weight: 0.51lb
  • Large Giftbox - 25 pcs Assorted - Net weight: 0.79lb
  • Contains- milk, tree nuts, sesame, eggs, wheat & soy.  

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